Thursday, January 23, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Favorite Toys

     We just had Christmas and I know we are all playing with our new "toys". Whether we are 5, 35, or 50, we all have our favorites. So for this week's Throwback Thursday, I am going to share with you some of my favorite toys. Playing with my toys when I was younger brought me so much joy. It would provide an escape from reality when necessary. I have so many wonderful memories playing with them. So here are a few that I ALWAYS played with.

1. Barbies
Yes, I was an 80s and 90s kid when Barbies were at their peak. I had so many barbies, that I lost count. Just the dolls alone filled a huge container. That doesn't include the clothing, accessories or furniture. I could spend hours in my parents' basement playing with them. Dressing them up, setting up their homes, pretending they were going out, getting married, going to work, you name it. The most exciting gift I got for Christmas one year was the Barbie Motor home. This thing was huge! Oh, but I had so much fun with it. Sometimes I wish I could go back to simpler times and just play with my barbies and forget about being an adult. They never had the problems I do today haha! I finally sold them to a friend of mine for her daughters. I had a couple of huge boxes. It was sad to see them go, but I was happy they were going to a good home.

2. Quints
Have you ever heard of them? They are five little baby figures that have many little accessories that all match. There were two boys and three girls. When you got them, you could choose their names. I named them: Amanda, Steve, Alice,?,?. The accessories were so cute! Clothes, toys, bottles, blankets, all made for five babies. Sometimes I would combine the Quints with my barbies. Oh great memories.

3. Micromachines
Hey, I may have been a girl, but I loved micromachines. They were very small cars. Some had special features, while others were just regular cars. I used to build cities out of my wooden blocks for them to travel through. I think I still have a few to this day.

4. Baby dolls (variety)
I had a variety of baby dolls in my collection. Especially cabbage patch dolls. I do still have those. I love dressing them up, taking them for walks, putting them down for naps, and just playing house with them. Dressing them in cute outfits was my favorite. I would take them everywhere I went sometimes.

     Ah such simpler times. My parents kept the majority of the toys I had as a kid. While I know I don't need them anymore, it's so fun to look through the box and remember all the fun times I had. I'm all about scene memory, so sometimes just smelling the old toys brings me back to right when I was a kid and playing with those toys. A small form of time travel. But then I open my eyes and remember those times are in the past.

What are some toys you remember playing with as a kid??

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  1. My sister was a year older than me so she was allowed to have Barbie but I was not. So I got Midge instead.