Where would we be today without the help of others? I know I wouldn't be where I am today. Through the years I've come across many helpful sites. So this page is dedicated to those sites, blogs, podcasts, etc. I absolutely recommend checking these out.

Blogs Podcasts
Family History Fanatics Extreme Genes
The Genealogy Reporter Genealogy Girl Talks
The Shamrock Genealogist CutOff Genes
The Legal Genealogist Generations Cafe
St. Louis Genealogical Society The Genealogy Gems
Genealogy Girl Talks The Genealogy Guys
Genealogy Blog Party Happy Hour History
Climbing My Family Tree Genealogy Happy Hour
Growing Little Leaves Genealogy Gold
Are You My Cousin? The Genealogy Professional
Genealogy Stories Research Like a Pro
The Chiddicks Family Tree Ancestors Alive
Pioneer Flunkies
YouTube Channels
GeneaVlogger Family History Fantantics
Genealogy Do-Over Hollywood Graveyard
GenealogyGems Great Depression Cooking Genealogy TV
The In-Depth Genealogist AmericanAncestors
BoundlessGenealogy Photo Alchemist

To help with my research, I have also joined many Facebook groups and have since become admins of a few of those. The following list is the groups I am currently a member of. If there is an * next to the group name, I am an admin of the group.

Facebook Groups
*GAA (Genealogy Addicts Anonymous) *GAACR (Genealogy Addicts Arts & Crafts)
History for Genealogy Addicts Genealogy Forward The Storykeepers
*GAADR (Genealogy Addicts Anonymous Dark Room) *GAA Family Recipes
*GAASU (Stoners are Us)
Genealogy for Humphreys and Dickson Co, TN Missouri Genealogy
Genealogy: Lost and Found Genealogy Addicts UK & Worldwide Research Group
Baden-Wurttemberg Genealogy Alsace & Lorraine Genealogy
Genealogy Master List of Facebook groups St. Louis Genealogical Society

More links coming soon! 

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