Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Related to Pocahontas??

So the story has been passed down for years that my husband's Rickards's line is related to Pocahontas's line. I have been attempting to research this claim. My husband's 2x great aunt Mary Amelia Louis (nee Rickards) spent time researching the family. She wrote a letter to her nephew, Norman Rickards, explaining the timeline of the family back to Pocahontas. The image below is one of the pages from this letter.

Listed up above, she has an Unknown Murray marrying an Unknown Childress and having a child, Sarah Murray Byrd Childress/Childers. All of the information above that is correct and all the information below that is correct. This is the missing connection. There have been many books published since this letter was written explaining the Pocahontas line. I have yet to find one book with this connection. I will have to go back and record each book I read proving that this fact is NOT true. Sarah Murray Byrd Childers/Childress's family still claim a connection to Pocahontas, but I have not seen any published proof of this fact.

So in conclusion, at this point in time, I say we are NOT connected to Pocahontas. Please feel free to share any information you have contrary to this point. I will be happy to be proved wrong!