Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oral Interviews

The holidays are fast approaching so it won't be long before you are sitting and visiting with relatives you only see a couple times a year. Consider spending some extra time with the older relatives you don't talk to very much as you don't know how much longer you will have with them. Get the ball rolling at least. If it looks like it could lead to a long lengthy discussion, consider setting up a private time to talk with them another day. You don't want to overwhelm the relative on a busy day and alienate others. The link below has some great tips for preparing to interview your relative. Click on the image to read all 25 tips.

These links will take you to two sites that have lists of questions to consider asking your relatives.

Smithsonian Institute
UCLA Library

I have conducted one personal interview as a practice interview. It was a little nerve wrecking in the beginning. Especially since I was recording. I know over time it will be easier. Take the time to talk with the individual and get to know them. I'm a big believer in bringing photos or memorabilia. That always seems to get my dad talking. I've gotten in the habit of bringing my tape recorder everywhere I go just in case. Dad has recently started talking about Vietnam so I want to be sure I'm capturing those moments.

Good luck on your interviews and here's to hopefully learning more about your family!