Saturday, October 22, 2016

Family Tree Kids!

The creator of our GAA group shared this link with us. It is from Family Tree Magazine and it is about how to get your kids into genealogy. It has lot of activities and tips to get kids interested in trying to hunt down facts about their ancestors. I am going to look into this deeper. I'm a homeschooling mom, so anything I can do to add to our curriculum I'm all for! It looks really interesting! Click on the image below to go to the website.

Working on a school project sbout your family history? Wondering if you're related to a princess or a Viking? Maybe you've heard a story about a Civil War soldier in your family, or you have the same last name as someone famous and want to find out if you're related. You've come to the right place! Family Tree Kids is a site where you learn how to become a "family detective" and dig up clues about your ancestry. Our games and activities are created just for kids—none of that boring grownup stuff—so you can have fun tracing your roots!