Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The ellusive Nicholas Buer

Ever since I began my research on the Buer family, Nicholas C Buer has been my brick wall. I haven't been able to find much on his life, although I have not gone to the county he lived in to research. Most of my research, as of this date, has been limited to So what follows is what I currently know. Hopefully I will be able to post an update with more information once I find out more.

I have been able to trace him back to his marriage to Sophia Spitz on 23 May 1858. The record has his name recorded as "Nicholas Boner" and her name as "Sophia Spetes". They were married in Jefferson County by Robert Hunt, a Justice of the Peace. From there, I have them in the 1860 and 1870 Census. The 1860 Census has their last name being "Pour". After a recent conversation with a possible relative, she told me that they used to spell the last name "Buer" as "Bour", so that possibly backs that up. The 1870 Census has them recorded with the last name of Nicholas, instead of Buer. From these records, I know he was born around 1824 in France and he was a blacksmith. Until recently, I had his death range that spanned from 1870-1874. This information was based on his wife, Sophia, getting married to a George Kochner. Now, based on the probate record that was recently made available on, I know he passed away before 7 Sept 1870 in Jefferson County. (That was the date on the Probate record) That helped narrow it down. So as you can see, my knowledge of his life is limited.